Bounty Killer Slams New Set Of Dancehall Artistes | Gets Blue & Bougie Award

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18 Comments on "Bounty Killer Slams New Set Of Dancehall Artistes | Gets Blue & Bougie Award"

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Keriesha Samuels

Dem same ones him a talk bout. From Alka etc.


Bounty. You don’t have a Visa for a reason. It’s probably the youth fault. Idiot

Shady Nation

Jamaicans a copy everything them see overseas artist doing internet and smart phone a change the country ….,sooner are later you gonna have artist diss bob and denis brown like how you have you rapper diss biggie and 2pac

Lyndel Mcintyre

Bounty killer yuh need fi change da name deh & stp chat huh form alliance & sepperate danceall yuh chat too much killer.

Stunna Gold Knakis

Di elders fi put evolution in dem vocabulary… All a dem adopt to di youth dem fashion an lifestyle an naa revolutionise dem music …a tru mi cyah dis killa inuh cho!!

Wild_ Fire
bounty need fe accept weh him deh n stop be a hater. him mussy gone pon de government side gone fight out dancehall tru him days done. dont chat a bag a tings killa fe erase wah yu wuk fah….yu chat too much. most of the young artist naah go big up no older artist caz dem never ever carry dem on a stage show go present dem to the people. dem bust pon YouTube and Instagram so dem no owe the older artist dem nothing more than the fact dat dem pave the way. style is everything in dancehall……bleaching,… Read more »
Luda Christ

Fuck killer..Me no forget who killer is..Low the yutes mek dem make dem make dem mistake

J vendetta Laawd

bounty you chat to dyam much n always a try bring down the young artist dem i have no respect for you right now from the year start none a the artist dem Nuh release no negative song but u don't see that you just we'll wah chat foolishness a vex u vex true u don't relevant in dancehall like the new generation of artist dem

sparta Don

Bounty and nuff a dem old artist yah fi leave di yute dem alone because a nuff fuckery him do………I guess him just bitter and envious……and the next ting dem don't rate di youths an nuh show respect to di yute dem yet still dem want di yute dem show respect. Dancehall is not for the older artist nor the younger artist

Anubis Ma-At

dem aggo seh de general badmind, doh?

Janioe Perkins

Bleach out face Gay-ge a mash up the Business.


Everything evolves, dancehall can't be the same, different artist wid different personality ago GI u some different song. Killer just sound badmind plus do yutes a sing way better song Dan weh him a sing. Killer time up stop fight yutes. Conquer the world now oosh


U go put out say u rate man.. Dem soon start say a Dem buss u… A so Dem duty mind artist ya stay.. A betta u stay by u self as a artist

Djsimmo Frasskid

Big up you self five star but the thing set different yah now is either you ago accept it are leave it alone . The young artist them a get a fight just like back in your days so no fight them out motivate them

twenty9th exit

Alka seh beenie tell lie, but how far from the truth has been. Charging promoters 10m for shows locally and expect them to pay. Fuck that


Yes Bounty a true

Keriesha Samuels

He's absolutely right

A.Frank Blunt

Di whole a dem a fuckery. Duracell (Alkaline) wit him bleach skin and tight pants and the rest of the wannabe gangsters and a fuck up the culture . And di whole a dem suck hood and a fuck dem one another battyole. Jahmeil or whaeva di fucka wa name him boyfriend dem arrogant you fuck. And cya write fi save dem life. Fuck off