Sarkodie – Adonai Remix (with English Lyrics) feat. Castro

I own no rights to the song. Uploaded for entertainment purposes only [Intro] Yeah! The people at the back make it one for me, go! [Castro] Everybody give your collection(x3) God eee Everybody…


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Klo Yo

+RaymondK: Many heartfelt thanks to you for your translation. It is a beautiful song indeed and the translation enhances its beauty though best heard in the original language.The only Adonai and Redeemer in the Hebrew Scriptures is YEHOWA, the One Most High God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. Isaiah 42: 8 I am YHWH: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images. Everybody sing Hallelu YAH!

Jesu Femi

thank you for the translation 🙂

Kezia Fosu


Eve M

thank you sooo much!!! the lyrics help me understand the song much better

Maria Lynai

thank you so much for this translation!! I knew this song was special because of the way they are singing and raping to it but wow!! This is an amazing song!


the only song they made before he died in the water when he drowned save his girlfriend from drowning


i don't know why i liked this so much now seeing what they are saying it makes sense now God is awesome

Iknow Jack

love the song, thanks for the translation. much love

Jeffrey King

Castro my guy Rest In Peace

Anne Mut
Ambiance Ambiance! From Great Zimbabwe and Great Britain. We using this song on my Sister's Wedding. It gives an atmosphere!AdonaiYeh! The people at the back make it one for me, go!CASTROEverybody give your collection(x3)God eeeEverybody give your collection(x3)SARKODIEListen! Don't let people take you for a foolAll the shaking they are doing is because of youHe's your enemy leave him and let him stealIf they won't help you, get down and pushCHORUSWhen you are involved everything goes wellKing God what you said is what will happenWhen you raise your hands mountains will breakSo my friend don't lose God let your heart… Read more »

Thank you so much!!! I love this song, but don't understand Twi. Thanks for the translation. 🙂