Will Floyd Shivambu Resign? | South Africa (2018)


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Ria Siebert

I do hope this opens the eyes of the voters. ☹️

hades greek mythology

Ooooga boooga eff monkies

Paballo Mthakathi

I’m curious to see how it turns out.

Christiaan Verhoef

So Brian got 16 million then gave his brother over 10 million.
Hes corrupt but hell of a good brother.

Jess Scholtz
I once worked at Luis Vuitton in Sandton for one evening. It was a big spenders party so basically only the top buyers were invited to come and view the new merchandise. These bags go for ridiculous prices, we're talking tens of thousand for a fucking handbag. Low and behold, guess who was there – Julius Malema in all his glory, wearing his stupid EFF shirt with Fidel Castro on the front. I still look at the photograph of him at the event with absolute disgust and disbelief. How someone can pretend to be so supportive of the poor but… Read more »
Andrew Lailvaux

Bet he won't go to jail.


they gonna get whats coming

Theresa Smuts

My take on this is to put the fear of God into whites, land expropriation , ensuring that we all remain land locked , so to speak and , by not challenging land act of SA, locked into a ponzi scheme ,whereby many people lose their homes anyway.Its unsustainable.
I'm in favour of revisiting 1913 land act , and support Roets proposal of giving title deeds to squatter.
Its so disheartening to be poor yourself , whilst half the country begs from you because they are misinformed.

American Gooeyduck

I am not defending that POS but I don’t think it’s even been quite a full month since they protest and and harassed the family of that racist idiot that posted that video on vacation and then went off and attacked and boycotted the restaurant that he worked at blaming them for a individuals actions and words which makes no sense this wasn’t such a serious matter it would be funny if there wasn’t so much hypocrisy!!!!! And of course Julius has to throw in the race card in that tweet

Pieter Steyn

I'll be lucky if I make 16 mill in my lifetime, while old Floyd 'made it' right after he got his diploma. I smell a rat!

jax jax

Corruption corruption does not matter who governs. Voters will be voters. I trust no politician from NP days to present. Lost confidence in all of them will not be voting in 2019.

Peaches & Scream

Dont forget the "this is a political smear campaign" excuse

Chris G

EFF=ANC Lite 😀

LongLive Emmanuel

I always disliked it when Renaldo dragged Julias into things unnecessarily buh in this video you got a point… #GuiltyByAssociation

Erich Wiehahn

The 8% of our country that supports the EFF is undeniably the most vile in South Africa.


Lets be real i think black people are the poorest they have ever been All thanks to the corrupted political people screwing the own race over


Kwaaaaaa you are reaching

Renaldo Gouws

I see I said FBS in the video, I was obviously talking about VBS Mutual Bank, apologies for the error. Be sure to join my discord server to continue the conversation : https://discord.gg/K55nU83

Daniel M

Where is SJWs now? Why not get him fired and hold his family responsible? Thought so…

Geoff Wellstead

I'm certainly not surprised!

Zavier 1

Thug Life, EFF edition.

Vanblerk Havenga

The EFF is one of many cancers tainting South Africa, they will bleed this country dryer than the ANC have already

I'm not defending Floyd. But let's wait to gather all of the facts first, and see if there is enough evidence that can implicate him in this corruption case (where he is tried and found guilty of alleged involvement). Innocent until proven guilty is how it normally works in a civilized country. He should be afforded due process. Let's not ALL start devolving as a society, just because a LARGE segment of our population (and if you're not a libtard, you all know what group I'm referring to), is incapable of functioning competently in the age of reason. Don't be… Read more »
Kevin Freese

communist liars and communist thieves….why should we be surprised

obert mlalazi

No you are a hypocrite when Adam castavelos imploded you kept on championing that the family was innocent and couldn't have known he was racist now it's black people they should have known


not resign, double down

The Second Coming of Your Lord and Saviour, NJ

What would his resignation change?

Mondli Danca

Illusion of choice ANC and EFF both the same just diff political parties n no way a black person who is in the right state of mind can trust DA….so not sure who to pick next coming elections


Floyd is not guilty, the same way Helen Zille isn't racist with her colonization comments.

Ram Pokker

Floyd "Money" Shivambu

Azanian Bantu

Done with these ‘communists’

Kevin Dillon

Sounds like South Africa is fkd.

Elna Dewaal

hy is ja

Allan Lamb
Hahahahahahahaha…. Have to love when stuff like this shows just how completely and utterly FULL OF SHIT these faux Marxists/communists are. It's amazing what a show they put on about being all about and for the poor yet damn…. these comrades sure do love their money, big houses, expensive whiskey and all the trappings of capitalism. Hmmmm….. does anyone think that they are fake posers just looking to use their shtick to gain more money and power? And that's without me even getting into what collasal hypocrites these faux Marxists/communists are. Always criticising the ANC for its corruption….. but it… Read more »
Matthew Ross

Ai… wat nog… 🙁


1) he could resign
2) he could distance himself from his brothers actions and keep it rolling
3) he could blame wmc/boogy man for targeting him/EFF

Obadia Oracle

Let's shame his whole family and all EFF associates like they did to Katzavelos…. Lock'em up!!
EFF should wear striped prison overalls – they belong in JAIL, like most of the ANC parliamentaries….

Thembi Sibanyoni

EFF talk like Angels act like devils from ANC they where like that nothing can change now, unless they prove me wrong by firing Floyd.

Simamkele Libalele

who do i vote for now … I was convinced the EFF was for the people

Siegfried Wurth

True Ronaldo, we are gatvol for the EFF

Lala Doomie Sweden

This is beyond belief, This rot must be rooted out of S.A. How can you do this? Cant whate for this explanation.

thee realest

Interesting question… What makes it worse is the trail of lies and deceit from Floyd when he denied being part of the loot.

Jacques Smith

Until the eff promises to provide free housing and fail miserably in this objective after more than decades